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Worlds Largest Trading Bloc Launched – AFRI-CAN
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Worlds Largest Trading Bloc Launched – AFRI-CAN


Following the launch of the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) in January 2018 in Ethiopia, and now the launch of the CFTA which are both AU flagship projects under the Africa Transformation Agenda 2063, Africa has started a journey to success.

It is therefore imperative that all hands must be on deck. All African countries should begin to align their policies with that of the AU to ensure congruence and progression of set agendas.

It is a start, and a good start as many complex framework surrounding under-developed infrastructure and non-tariff barriers still needs to be put in place.

However, the mindset is right in ensuring that these projects are a success and there’s a huge support at the meeting from credible international partners from the UN organs- UNIDO, UNCTAD, UNECA, as well as key African partners, ITC, AFDB, COZmESA, and AU’s African Development partner NEPAD- confirms a positive and optimistic positioning for the project ahead.

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