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Rekindling Learning In Africa Rapelang Rabana
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Rekindling Learning In Africa Rapelang Rabana


In the former industrial epoch, humans were equipped to do functions that machines couldn’t do, but given the techno-industrial revolution, it leaves nothing much to be expected from human beings. This trajectory presents unemployment thus; Rekindle Learning brings forth the concept of innovative learning and development. This
is where the human mind, meets technology to take Africa and the world to new frontiers! “When we look at the levers we need to pull to leap frog maturing economies, we need to develop people much more effectively than we ever did,” explains tech-prenuer, Rapelang Rabana, who is on a quest to break down the walls of passive education systems.

A periscopic vision of an era, where Africa matches up with the digital age looked excitingly possible for Compatriot Magazine as was illuminated by the World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. With so much wisdom from this voracious tech-educator; it comes as no surprise that she was one of the youngest Grand Jurors for the UN’s World Summit Awards.

Clad with long accolades of honours such as being named one of Africa’s Best Young Entrepreneurs by Forbes, and listed on the ‘O Power List’ by The Oprah Magazine, Rabana’s corporate journey started at the age of 22. Her family’s strong educational values moulded her desire to design learning tools that could help support learning and adaptation of thereafter.

She reminisces on some of the challenges that our educational systems hinder human innovation: “Educational systems were designed in a way that our best defining feature was our memory, ability to analyse and do some calculations. Basically, doing things that machines couldn’t do. But, going forward, those are the functions that machines are going to do and we will need to build different skills in people so that we can continue to add value to humans.”

Rekindle Learning is an innovative learning & development company providing mobile and computer learning applications that enable a broad range of knowledge to be quickly entrenched and mastered. This includes corporate training and on-going learning, as well as school learning.

The prospectus uses the A2B transformation movement, a methodology that moves away from looking at Curriculum Vitae’s and technical knowledge, but rather the concept of occupational intelligence. This is essentially the collective intelligence to be able to respond to the task and challenges around a person. They then adequately perform in various environments fundamentally in occupational science and occupational intelligence.

With the approach, there is an element of learning how to develop skills like whole brain function – an internal locus of control, growth mind-sets. The above methodology is used to build a different kind of person, a more ‘response-able human being’ who is equipped with skills to be more innovative and think more adaptively like virtual collaboration. The curriculum hasn’t been implemented in schools as yet but rather in training programmes and incubators for young entrepreneurs. However, it doesn’t hinder certain elements from being brought to schools.

It is a no-brainer that rural schools and areas are in much more need of these refined reforms, but the tech-wiz reckons that it is much harder to reach rural schools hence it will be harder to achieve results. Being the strategist that Rabana is, she suggests a system where the delivery of the product starts where results can be delivered quickly. The importance of a feedback cycle is essential in the refining and improving of the product, this way a more delicate delivery is scaled across where it is needed the most.

“This particular invention is not technology heavy, once people have been through the year-programme to understand people’s skills and stimulate people’s minds adequately, it becomes a practical exercise,” Rabana concluded.

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