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Importance of Digital Technology To Gain Market Access
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Importance of Digital Technology To Gain Market Access

By Tomi Moyan


The use of digital technology to gain market access by SMMEs and entrepreneurs plays a huge role in how their businesses will scale. One big consideration is a digital communication tool that can help source customer data. A big eye opener is how digital communication has been used in sales and marketing showing the possibility of better reaching a target audience or specific audience.


The founder of Business Process Mechanics Marang Marekimane facilitated a masterclass during the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019 organized by 67CEOs Foundation, she emphasised that business processes need to be properly reviewed and automated in order to deliver goods and services more efficiently driving profits.


Entrepreneurs and SMMEs need to know which digital technologies are relevant to their businesses in order to gain market access. There is the need to facilitate digital innovation that will solve the problems businesses are facing in their respective regions even if they are found in rural communities of Africa. The availability of support and digital infrastructure to entrepreneurs and SMMEs to leverage on is crucial so they are not left behind.


Marang understands that for any entrepreneur or SMME to succeed, their digital technology aptness is fundamental to remaining relevant in today’s market. Developmental programs that enhances and informs entrepreneurs and SMMEs on how to leverage on digital technologies that will improve efficiency and productivity is vital in order to attain business success.


Why look into Digital technology? Digital technology can help improve communication, collaboration, content management, access to analytics data and social networking as well as staff and customer experience.

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