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Egypt Launches Clean Blue Project Aimed At Cleaning Its Marine Environment
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Egypt Launches Clean Blue Project Aimed At Cleaning Its Marine Environment

Egypt Cleans Marine Environment

Egypt’s Ministry of Environment has launched a project called Clean Blue in the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh near the Sinai Peninsula to clean up the region’s marine environment, reported the State Information Service.

The counter-pollution initiative comes under directions from South Sinai governor Khaled Fouda as the city of Sharm el-Sheikh aims to become a fully green city.

The initiative was started by a group of 20 young divers in co-ordination with the ministries of health and environment and the Chamber of Diving and Water Sports, reported Daily News Egypt.

The programme includes cleaning seabeds and diving areas and providing a blueprint for security and safety factors in the whole city, the State Information Service said in a statement.

This will be carried out by diving tourism workers who will conduct dives and photograph beaches and underwater sites to prepare scientific material, reported Daily News Egypt.

Egypt’s Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad praised the initiative for reflecting the awareness among diving tourism workers of the importance of preserving marine life and biological diversity.

All tourism and marine activities in Egypt were halted for weeks as a measure to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The Egyptian government said it was looking to expand the project to include documenting marine activity before and after the coronavirus and the state of aquatic life, wrote Daily News Egypt.

Meanwhile, according to Egypt Today, in April the Egyptian government launched a website to manage medical waste through the Medical and Electronic Waste Management Project.

The project aims to observe the quantity of waste emerging from each health facility, the timing of transporting it to treatment plants and its safe disposal.

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