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Edutech Africa 2018
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Edutech Africa 2018

From the classroom to the exam hall, library to the lecture theatre, technology is having a transformative impact on every aspect of education. It is making us re-evaluate traditional education, the ways in which students learn, and what the future of African education institutions themselves should look like. And it is dramatically disrupting the way teachers educate.

Technology is the driving force behind a change in the fundamental purpose and delivery of education. Today’s students need to be equipped with a set of 21st century skills that prepare them for tomorrow’s workplace.

We understand that it’s hard to keep up with the continual development of new technologies, innovative learning experiences and ways of measuring student mastery. This is where EduTECH Africa steps in.

Over the last four years EduTech Africa has grown to become the largest and most influential EduTech conference and exhibition in Africa. At EduTECH Africa we pride ourselves on bringing together thousands of educators from across Africa to evaluate and plan the future of technology in learning.

The organisers, Terrapinn, design, produce and create conference agendas that are truly world class. Our formats are unique. Our keynotes are genuine disruptors, innovators and thought leaders. Our content and topics are relevant, well-researched and at the cusp of global and regional trends.

African educators will continue to attend the high level conference. As many of them will attest, this is where they find solutions to their challenges. Its where they open the doors to fantastic opportunities. Its where they form new and lucrative relationships & partnerships. And its where they source and invest in new EduTech solutions.

Our partners and solution providers are global leaders and innovators. They use EduTech Africa as their once-a-year opportunity to meet and do business with new and existing customers. It provides them with access into a market that is traditionally difficult to penetrate. And most importantly, the event allows them to meet real buyers.

Part of a series of events that spans the globe, attendees benefit from the very latest in teaching strategies, cutting edge technologies and collaboration opportunities. Join us!

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