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110 Year Old Moroccan Woman Survives COVID-19
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110 Year Old Moroccan Woman Survives COVID-19

After spending 26 days at the Hassan II University Hospital Centre, a 110-year-old Moroccan woman has recovered from the novel coronavirus, becoming one of the oldest people in the world to beat the deadly disease.

Morocco World News reports that the woman left the care facility in the north-eastern town of Fez on Friday after two consecutive tests came back negative for the coronavirus.

The unnamed woman joins only a handful of centenarians around the world to survive coronavirus infection.

According to health authorities, the woman contracted the virus from her son, while her daughter-in-law was also infected by him.

The woman is the oldest survivor of the coronavirus in the North African country so far.

As Moroccan authorities continue their battle against the coronavirus, and despite infections still being reported daily, reports show that their efforts are paying off, as recoveries in the country seem to be on the rise.

As of May 31, the country had 7,807 cases, while recoveries were standing at 5,459, leaving the country with only 2,143 active cases, according to real-time tracker Worldometer.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, an 87-year-old woman recovered from the coronavirus after spending two weeks in a Johannesburg hospital, reported News24.

Moving further afield, in Europe, a 113-year-old woman from Spain’s north-eastern province of Girona also recovered from the coronavirus, reported Turkish-based Anadolu news agency. The same woman had also survived the Spanish flu pandemic that raged from 1918 to 1920.

The African continent has posted just over 63,000 recoveries so far, while the global figure has seen over 2,777,366 people recover from the virus.

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